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Terms & Conditions

What You Receive: 50,000 points deposited in your IHG® Rewards Club account.

Dates of Travel: Anytime.

Max. Quantity per Purchase: Four (4). No more than four (4) packages of points purchased through this offer are allowed per loyalty number. A maximum of (24) packages of points is allowed per loyalty number across all IHG offers.

With more than 5,300 hotels around the world, IHG® (InterContinental Hotels Group) gives you a world of choice whatever the reason for your trip. Our family of 13 trusted brands offers hotels in nearly 100 countries. From an award-winning InterContinental® Resort to a city-center Holiday Inn® hotel, IHG has the right choice for all your travel needs.

Purchase 50,000 IHG® Rewards Club points for just $290 and then redeem the points for hotel stays at IHG hotels worldwide. You must be a IHG Rewards Club member to take advantage of this offer so sign up today for free at www.ihgrewardsclub.com.

For further details, please refer to the "Redemption" and "Terms & Conditions" tabs.


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